About us

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We are an online community for social advocacy and mobilisation geared towards participation, dialogue and encounter between organisations and persons concerned with social justice from a faith standpoint.

Each social enterprise takes part in Visibles.org, publishing and documenting the “Causes” they are advocating for so that more people like you, who want to make changes, can take action by signing up or participating in mobilisation events.

Your participation as an organisation or an individual are what makes Change happen!


Mobilising society, steering citizen participation processes in public life and helping to highlight the CAUSES the organisations and collectives are working on day to day.

Causes that deserve your yes

These are CAUSES involving social justice, promoted by organisations and collectives in line with the general principles of the church’s Social Doctrine, in different lines of action,

Sign up or take action for a cause
  • Education
  • Migration and refugees
  • Gender equity
  • Socio-environmental justice
  • Participation and global citizenship

Organisations and networks

If you are an organisation and you want to promote a cause, fill in this form and we will get in touch with you.

Before being published, all causes must be approved by the platform’s board, which acts in accordance with the platform’s editorial criteria.

Want to make your cause visible?

Responsible citizenship

Members of the public can participate and take action for justice very easily. All causes published on Visibles.org are worthy of your support: they are promoted by strict and committed organisations, are properly documented and are making specific calls to action in order to drive change.


  • With your signature and the support of as many others as possible, the causes become much more likely to be vindicated.
  • Participating in local mobilisations for the cause.
  • Inviting others to join the causes by issuing appeals on social media or reaching out to your mailing list.
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An open and modern community

Visibles.org is a platform that’s open to organisations, collectives, networks, movements and proposals that are like-minded and share objectives and identity. It’s a project promoted and led by the Social Sector of the Company of Jesus in Spain.

The causes and contents are the responsibility of the organisation or collective promoting them. Visibles supervises the causes to ensure they comply with its editorial policy.

In any event, “Visibles.org” does not necessarily share all the content and opinions implicit in the causes it promotes.

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A free, transparent, non-profit project

Credibility is a key part of our work to be able to publicly denounce situations of injustice. It is the foundation upon which the trust of many people and entities associated to our organisations is built. Hence, visibles.org is a non-profit project that is offered free of charge to organisations and collectives wishing to take part.

It is managed by the communication team of the Social Sector, from the NGOs Alboan and Entreculturas. The certificate of transparency and Good Governance held by both organisations guarantees that the social commitments it adopts are within a framework of responsibility and transparency that is recognised and regularly audited by an independent external entity.